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Is there a difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

If you've spent time considering tile flooring, you might want more information on the difference between the most common types. There are some slight differences, and in some cases, that may be enough to make you prefer one over the other. Here are some brief facts about porcelain vs ceramic tile so that you'll have more information as you shop.

The difference between ceramic and porcelain tile is minimal

Porcelain is fired at higher temperatures than ceramic, and so the results are a bit more density, hardness, and water resistance than what you might find in ceramic. In addition, certain tiles are rated as "impervious," which means they absorb less than 0.5% of their weight in water. Porcelain also offers a through-body color scheme, which means chips and cracks will not show as much if they happen.

However, you'll find more similarities than differences, which makes ceramic and porcelain tiles an excellent choice for any room in your home. For instance, you'll find stunning visual appeal from product to product, including wood and stone looks, patterns, designs, and formats that help you create the perfect décor. In addition, it's effortless to customize the look you want in any room, whether you choose porcelain or ceramic.

The installation process is similar between the two, requiring special tools and plenty of time for mortar and grout to dry. Before your installation begins, we'll make sure you understand the entire process, from start to finish. When you're ready to get started, visit us when you're in the area.

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